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Carbon Fiber Tube In Engineering Development
- Jul 03, 2018 -

The comprehensive performance of carbon fiber, making it at the same time as structural materials and functional materials research is of considerable importance, it can solve many other materials can not solve the problem. At present, mainly in terms of strengthening the combination of carbon fiber and concrete, and less in the original application in the structure design. Due to cost issues, permanent templates also dominated by fiberglass. Carbon fiber tube applied research work in this area is in its early stages, is limited to beams, columns, there are no reports of concrete floors and walls. Application of carbon fiber in civil engineering with a very broad space for development.

In addition, in the production of carbon materials, depending on the needs performance improvement of carbon and graphite materials, generally uses the following several kinds of impregnating agent:

(1) coal tar or asphalt. For joint stock, impregnated graphite electrodes for high power graphite electrode and ultra high power graphite electrode roasting ontology, and so on. At present, the commonly used coal tar pitch impregnation of electrode blanks, and the United States and other countries with asphalt impregnated electrode blanks.

(2) resin. Mainly used in impregnated graphite materials for preparation of impermeable graphite for chemical industry.

(3) low melting-point metal. Mainly used in impregnated graphite products for specific purposes, such as the rotary engine, sliding electrical contacts, such as scraping.

(4) lubricant. Mainly used in impregnated graphite products, designed to improve the abrasion resistance of graphite materials, manufacture of bearings, sliding contact, air or underwater motor brush and so on.


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