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Development status of fiberglass Tube
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Since the beginning of the 70 's, a small batch production of FRP pipes has been made in China, which shows that the development of FRP pipeline industry in China is relatively slow after more than 20 years ' development and practical application. Compared with developed countries, there are large gaps in raw materials, process equipment, technology management, engineering design, product standards, construction norms and application scope.


Foreign FRP tubes have high resin performance, variety, serialization, and benzene-type unsaturated polyester has accounted for more than 30%, has gradually become a general-purpose unsaturated polyester resin, according to the needs of different uses, there are a variety of special resins and additives to meet the requirements of the use.

China's domestic annual output of less than 500 tons of unsaturated polyester resin plant more than 200, the total production of approximately accounted for more than 60% of the national total output. But some small factory equipment is simple, the inspection, the technical management is backward, the breed is few, the quality is poor. The country has introduced five unsaturated polyester production line, benzene-type unsaturated polyester resin production is very small, the price is very expensive. There are few other high-performance special resins. Epoxy resin production is small, expensive, these all affect the use.


Auxiliaries in the production and processing process plays an important role, but also directly affect the performance of products, additives is an indispensable part of fiberglass production, but the domestic varieties of less, not matching, poor quality.

Abroad there is suitable for winding needs and supporting a variety of special-purpose infiltration of roving, felt, gingham and so on. The specification is many, the variety is whole, the quality is excellent, satisfies the use request. In addition to a small number of domestic glass fiber production plant for the use of special super-invasive roving, most of the glass fiber factory production of alkali-free, medium-alkali winding roving without special infiltration agent, so the infiltration is poor. Felt in some uneven thickness, so the domestic material specifications, varieties can not be very good to meet the needs of the production of FRP tubes.