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Piping installation requirements for fiberglass Tube
- Jan 03, 2018 -

1, the pipeline should be installed before the installation of equipment pipe openings, embedded parts, reserved holes, steel structures and other related to the installation of the contents of the pipeline review.

2, the slope of the pipeline should be adjusted according to the requirements of the drawings, the adjustment method can be used to meet the slope requirements, the weld should be set up for easy maintenance, observation of the place.

3, with the transmission equipment connected to the pipeline, before the installation of the internal to clean, welded fixed pipe should generally be away from the equipment to avoid the welding stress on the transmission equipment installation accuracy impact.

4, the pipeline and the machine before connecting, should prevent the strength relative, in the Free State check the parallelism and coaxial degree of flange.

5, safety valve should be installed vertically, in the commissioning run, to adjust the safety valve in time. The final adjustment of the safety valve is carried out on the system, the opening and the seat pressure shall conform to the requirements of the design document.

6. Before the valve is installed, check its model according to the design document, and determine its installation direction according to the media flow. When the valve is connected with the pipe by flange or thread, the valve shall be installed in a closed state and the valve shall not be closed if it is installed in a welding manner.

7, the temporary replacement of instrumentation components: All instrumentation components are installed, the use of temporary components, such as test pressure, Flushing, purge after the work is finished, before the formal installation.