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Practical application and potential development space of carbon fiber tube
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Sports Leisure and other sports equipment:

In the field of sports leisure products, carbon fiber golf clubs and fishing rods were first used, it is also the first to promote the development of carbon fiber one of the channels of consumption. As early as more than 10 years ago, the use of carbon fiber for golf clubs accounted for one-tenth of the world's total carbon fiber consumption. In recent years, bicycles, tennis rackets, badminton rackets and other sporting goods are more and more used in carbon fiber materials.

The Ultra Light Golf Club with carbon fiber control is only about 50g in weight, and steel rod body has more than 120g, in reducing the weight of the same time, carbon fiber material makes the club has a better elasticity and toughness, the ball in the movement of the user to bring a smaller, balanced and feel comfortable degree higher. Also such as photographic camera equipment used in the production of carbon fiber tube slides, beautiful appearance, easy to use, especially its light weight, bearing a significant characteristics, is very suitable for the outside of the film to carry, for outdoor photographers loved.

This kind of supplies of carbon fiber tube can effectively enhance the user's experience, lighter quality can reduce the user's physical exertion, increase the pleasure of sports and leisure, stronger materials can reduce the possibility of bending deformation of equipment, prolong the service life of products. Because of the relative maturity of carbon fiber in the field of sports and recreation, the demand of carbon fiber in this field is steadily increasing.

UAV field:

Carbon fiber tubing in strength performance, according to the actual needs can be applied to different parts of the UAV, such as arm, wing skeleton, compared to the aluminum alloy 30% weight reduction effect can improve the aircraft's endurance, and improve the load capacity. The advantages of high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, energy absorption and stability of the chemical properties of carbon fiber materials also make the service life of the UAV effectively guaranteed. According to the information provided by Granville Sheng, most of the agricultural plant-protection UAV and the consumption-grade aerial UAV adopt carbon fiber tube as the main structure, and the application status of carbon fiber tube in this field is very stable.