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Tension optimization design of carbon fiber tube
- Dec 20, 2017 -

Carbon fiber tube production process seems simple, but the actual quality of the finished product is very different, for example, many carbon fiber tube in the market to do hole processing, it is easy to show the layering, pipe wall fragmentation and so on, which are related to the performance of the pipe itself. Because in the pipe pressure, the resulting circumferential stress must be greater than the axial stress, to improve the circumferential bearing capacity is the key to improve the strength of the pipe. If the tension control is improper, the internal pressure produced by the circumferential tensile force can not be used evenly for each layer of the circumferential fiber, will produce a layer of rupture phenomenon, seriously affecting the quality of the pipe. Therefore, in the process of coiling, the accurate control of the circumferential tension of carbon fiber fabric can effectively improve the bearing capacity of carbon fiber pipe.

According to the practical experience and the internal stress analysis of the coiled carbon fiber tube, it can be seen that in the process of the tube rolling, each new layer of fiber fabric will produce internal pressure to the layers, so that the inner tension of the front layers decreases. In order to achieve the best circumferential tensile capacity of coiled tubing, the final coil fabric must be in the tension state. Therefore, the first layer of the tension must be maximum, then control the external tension with the radius of the increase in descending order.