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Carbon Fiber Tube Rolling Process
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Prefabrication stage: According to the thickness of the wall tube to determine the length of the prepreg, carefully clean the core mold, coated with release agent, and then adjust the core mold and prepreg position, ready to roll.

Roll-making stage: After the winding machine running, uniform feeding, through the power of the pressure plate to the prepreg evenly roll to the core mold. The coiled carbon fiber tube is then placed on the roll press with the core mold, further compacting the prepreg and wrapping the film.

Curing stage: The compacted carbon fiber tube is taken from the pressure tube machine and fed into the curing furnace. After the tube is cured, the core model is removed, that is, the initial shape of the carbon fiber tubing can be obtained.

Processing stage: Will remove the surface coating of carbon fiber tubing placed in the grinding machine on its surface grinding, so that its smooth, and then spray painting, this link, but also need two times fine grinding, and according to the size of the product needs to finish processing, until the final requirements of the pipe.