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Factors Affecting The Quality Of Carbon Fiber Tubes
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The first factor is the molding process, carbon fiber tube commonly used in three kinds of molding process: coiling, winding, pultrusion, these three pieces of technology have advantages and disadvantages. The high degree of automation of the rolling process, the production of pipe strength than other processes, but relatively high cost. Winding process can be based on the product of the force design winding law, can give full play to the advantages, but can not wrap arbitrary structure of products. The process of pultrusion can achieve the continuity of fiber, but it can not realize the arbitrary change of angle.

The second factor is the choice of materials, carbon fiber tube quality is the most important to its raw materials determined, Toray, Taiwan and other well-known manufacturers of carbon fiber is better than other carbon fiber, then the product quality will be improved. At the same time, carbon fiber generally will not be used alone, most of the case is with the resin composite composition, then the quality of the resin can not be ignored.

Different specifications of carbon fiber production need core mold, different materials made of core mold on the surface of the tube has a certain effect, the low-end materials made of core mold can not withstand curing temperature, it is difficult to produce high-quality carbon fiber tubes. There are also core-mode design for carbon fiber tube also has a certain effect, for example, the length of carbon fiber tube is short, the use of diameter core model, carbon fiber tube longer, the use of the core with taper.