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Hole Making Technology Of Carbon Fiber Tube
- Dec 28, 2017 -

The carbon fiber tube has the incomparable superiority with the traditional material, the ratio strength is high, the ratio rigidity is big, bears the high temperature, bears the fatigue, can design good, has obtained the widespread application in the aerospace military industry, the traffic track, the automobile manufacture and so on. After the molding of its products, most of the situation requires a certain mechanical processing (such as making holes, cutting) to meet the requirements of assembly, connection. This paper is mainly about the defects and solutions in the process of carbon fiber pipe hole processing.

Holes in the process of easy to appear defects:

1, hole outlet tearing and raising: they all occur at the hole exit side of the most surface layer, along the hole exit in the outermost direction extension. Tearing is larger than the size of the flash, and the negative effect is much larger, so the study of hole defects is mainly caused by tearing.

2, Delamination: The main reasons for the layering of two, drilling force and drilling heat, when the axial drilling force on the carbon fiber composite products, the fiber layer between the stress if more than the fiber layer between the resin strength, the resin will break, delamination. In addition, the cutting tool and the temperature of the contact area increase, because the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber and resin is different, the boundary stress is too concentrated by the thermal effect, producing local strain and causing delamination.

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