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Influence Of Temperature On The Process Of Carbon Fiber Molding
- Feb 16, 2018 -

Under normal circumstances, in a certain temperature range, if the mold temperature rise, then the material will have better liquidity, crosslinking curing speed, so as to improve production efficiency. But if the temperature is too high will cause the material cross-linking curing premature start, then the curing speed is too fast, then some people will say: that is very good, so the production efficiency is higher. In fact, this will result in the mold cavity inside and outside the material curing is not, the surface of the material will be first hardened, and when the inner layer curing, cross-linking produced some material is difficult to evaporate, will make the product swelling, cracking, deformation.

Temperature also has a certain effect on the properties of carbon fiber products. When the inner layer of the material is finished, the surface is overheated, the resin and other materials will decompose, which will cause the mechanical properties of the carbon fiber products to decline. But the temperature is too low, the material fluidity reduces, the cure speed slows, the cross-linking reaction cannot carry on fully, then the product strength will become low, and the low-temperature cure incomplete surface will withstand the internal pressure, therefore will appear the swelling.