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Is The Carbon Fiber Tube Industry Really A Low Threshold?
- Feb 27, 2018 -

The application of carbon fiber tubing is starting with the substitution of conventional metal tubing, so the carbon fiber tube must have strength comparable to that of conventional metal tubing, especially steel and aluminum alloy. The industry's general understanding of carbon fiber materials is: high-strength carbon fiber strength can reach more than 3000MPa, is 6-12 times the steel, ordinary grade carbon fiber strength is also far ahead of traditional metal materials. Therefore, the performance of carbon fiber tubing in strength performance is not expected.

However, this does not mean that, as long as the strength of the standard, carbon fiber tube can be replaced with metal pipe qualification. As a non-terminal structured product, the specific requirements of carbon fiber tubing applications are the final targets of carbon fiber tubing. For example, the carbon fiber pipe used for mechanical roll, in the dynamic Balance index requirements on the high, as the whole machinery of the rotary body part, carbon fiber tube made of the roller in rotation, if the material itself is uneven or blank defects, even the processing and assembly produced a little error, The centrifugal inertia force produced by each tiny particle on the rotating body will be difficult to cancel each other out, and then cause the centrifugal inertia force, and through the bearing acting on the machine and its foundation, causing vibration, generating noise, and speeding up the bearing wear, shorten the mechanical life.