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Properties And Disadvantages Of Carbon Fiber Composites
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Unlike traditional fiber materials, the weight of carbon fiber composite material is very light, its density is only 1.7g/cm3, such as glass fiber composite glass fiber content is 70%, density is 2.0g/cm3. Compared with the traditional weight-reducing materials, the density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm3, and the advantages of carbon fiber composite are more prominent. Carbon fiber composite material is not only light weight, compared with the glass fiber composite has a higher strength and hardness, compared with metal materials, the advantages of more prominent, like some industrial areas, with carbon fiber composite materials to replace some metal, so as to improve product performance. Carbon fiber itself working temperature in 2000 ℃, but take into account the problem of molding, the use of carbon fiber composite material, is the carbon fiber and resin fusion, and the resin work temperature is not high, so the work temperature of carbon fiber products in 150 ℃, Wuxi Wei Sheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. through research and development, has produced high-temperature-resistant carbon fiber composite materials, operating temperature up to 400-500 ℃.

Despite the excellent performance of carbon fiber composites, but the cost is relatively high, carbon fiber raw material prices than glass fiber more than many times, compared to steel, the high cost of carbon fiber is more prominent. Carbon fiber composites have a conductivity, which can be said to be an advantage, it can be said to be a disadvantage, such as some insulation products are usually using fiberglass, rather than using carbon fiber instead.

In fact, the advantages of carbon fiber composites are more prominent, I believe that with the development of society, the cost of carbon fiber materials will also decline.