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Study On Technology Of Carbon Fiber Coil Pipe Making
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Prefabrication Stage: First of all, we need to determine the amount of prepreg required according to the size requirements of the production pipe. This is called preparation, and then according to the inner diameter of the selection of the appropriate core mold (iron), after the selection to clean the core mold, coated with release agent, adjust the core mold and prepreg position, ready for the next step, volume system.

Roll-making stage: After the coil machine is running at uniform feeding, during this period through the power of the platen of carbon fiber prepreg evenly roll to the core mold, and then the coil made of carbon fiber tube together with the core mold placed on the roll press, further compaction of prepreg, and to wrap a layer of film.

Curing stage: will be compacted carbon fiber tube from the pressure tube machine, and then put it into the curing furnace curing molding, adjust the temperature, time, wait until the tube after curing, remove the core mold, you can get the initial form of carbon fiber tube.

Processing stage: The tube obtained from the previous step is just a preliminary shape, we also want to the surface coated carbon fiber tube as the grinding machine on its surface to burnish, so that the surface of carbon fiber tube smooth, and then need to paint, this step will need to two times after grinding, and according to the size required by customers to finish processing, Until the final requirements of the tubing are reached, such a complete carbon fiber tube is completed.