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With advanced equipment, high technology and superior material, we can do our best to satisfy your needs.


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With years of experience, our company has become one of the top manufactures of composite products in China.


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Weihai Chengcheng Composites Co., Ltd. has been specializing in carbon fiber products since it was founded in 2002.




Carbon fiber is one of the greatest inventions in recent years.Due to its properties, carbon fiber products are used in numerous applications over traditional materials such as aluminum and steel.Weihai Chengcheng Composites Co.,LTD will be proud to cooperate with all friends to find solutions.

Carbon Fiber Tube Rolling Process

Mar 02,2018

Prefabrication stage: According to the thickness of the wall tube to determine the length of the prepreg, carefully clea

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Is The Carbon Fiber Tube Industry Really A Low Threshold?

Feb 27,2018

The application of carbon fiber tubing is starting with the substitution of conventional metal tubing, so the carbon fib

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Study On Technology Of Carbon Fiber Coil Pipe Making

Feb 20,2018

Prefabrication Stage: First of all, we need to determine the amount of prepreg required according to the size requiremen

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